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Most Surprising Vaping Bar Locations

Electronic cigarettes, originally developed in China, hit the United States and international market around 2006.

Since then, the vaping trend has grown massively. Experts predict that the e-cigarette market could reach $4.4 billion in sales this year, up from $4.1 billion last year – despite legislation banning vaping in public places in many countries.

Vaping liquids in a store...

As the industry has grown, the emergence of vaping bars has swept the United States, and today these bars exist all over the world. A vaping bar is a space where customers can purchase new e-cigarette equipment from popular brands like Council of Vapor, as well as buying replacement “juices” (the flavoured liquids that power e-cigarettes). These bars often serve drinks and food, creating a space for vapers to meet, chat, and relax.

You might find it surprising to come across venues like these, but they’re all over the world now. Here are some of the stranger locations.

1. Emerald Exchange, California, USA

Only in California, of course – and Malibu, particularly – Emerald Exchange is a marijuana farmers’ market. Besides edibles, medical marijuana, and the whole range of accessories, it includes a vaping bar.

2. Evolution Vape, Johannesburg, South Africa

You might not think of South Africa as flying the flag for vaping, but consumers there love their nicotine ash-free. Evolution Vape’s bar in the Clearwater Mall offers vapers the chance to mix their own juices, combining between four and eight flavours with a level of nicotine that suits them.

3. Luxe Vape Junction Lounge, Guam

The US doesn’t get more far-flung than Guam, a tiny island in the Western Pacific that’s closer to the Philippines than Hawaii. But the vaping trend has taken off here, too, with residents flocking to the elegant style and impressive range of Luxe Vape Junction Lounge.

If you’re looking to kick the habit and take up vaping, be sure to look twice when you see a bar or lounge in your own city. It could well be a vape bar hiding in plain sight!

Image credit: Vher Samuel Aggabao on Flickr’s Creative Commons.