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Detail of Negroni at Glen Bar in Beijing.

Why the Negroni is MY Drink

I adore Negronis. And, when it comes to travel, they’re one of the perfect cocktails. Why? Because they’re pretty much… Continue reading »

Sea buckthorn berries.

Sea Buckthorn Juice: the Ultimate Vitamin C Drink?

One great food find from Everest Base Camp? Sea buckthorn juice. I knew about this lovely stuff, of course. Sea… Continue reading »

Tongba hot beer 1024-4

Hot Beer? It’s a Thing!

Unbowed by my experiences with yak butter tea, a flavour which, while not as bad as you’d think, definitely falls… Continue reading »

Singapore Sling

A Curious Tale: Who Invented the Singapore Sling?

Raffles Hotel, Singapore, is celebrating its 125th anniversary this month. (This despite the fact that the hotel didn’t open until… Continue reading »


I Don’t Know You, But I Blame You Very Much

Somebody, somewhere in Beirut – and that someone probably knows who he is – has been doing a lot of… Continue reading »

Woodcut of Jerry Thomas making his famous Blue Blazer.

Jerry Thomas: The First Bartending Superstar

Long, long before Tom Cruise was shaking up drinks in Cocktail, Jerry Thomas was making theatre behind the bar. With… Continue reading »