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Malabar Tea Estate.

Tea Tourism in Bandung

European thirst for tea shaped history in bizarre ways. That’s because, for centuries, all the tea that came to Europe… Continue reading »

Exterior of The Belgian Monk, a 17th-century pub in Norwich, UK.

The Belgian Monk: The Best Value Pub Lunch in Norwich

Before the Beer Orders of 1989, almost every British pub was tied to a brewery, and British pub food and… Continue reading »

Cup of coffee with decorated foam.

Five Ways to Enjoy Coffee

Cold Brew Cold brew coffee is brewed, well, cold. And, if that’s not enough to love, you can choose it… Continue reading »

Detail of Negroni at Glen Bar in Beijing.

Why the Negroni is MY Drink

I adore Negronis. And, when it comes to travel, they’re one of the perfect cocktails. Why? Because they’re pretty much… Continue reading »

Sea buckthorn berries.

Sea Buckthorn Juice: the Ultimate Vitamin C Drink?

One great food find from Everest Base Camp? Sea buckthorn juice. I knew about this lovely stuff, of course. Sea… Continue reading »

Tongba hot beer 1024-4

Hot Beer? It’s a Thing!

Unbowed by my experiences with yak butter tea, a flavour which, while not as bad as you’d think, definitely falls… Continue reading »

Singapore Sling

A Curious Tale: Who Invented the Singapore Sling?

Raffles Hotel, Singapore, is celebrating its 125th anniversary this month. (This despite the fact that the hotel didn’t open until… Continue reading »


I Don’t Know You, But I Blame You Very Much

Somebody, somewhere in Beirut – and that someone probably knows who he is – has been doing a lot of… Continue reading »

Woodcut of Jerry Thomas making his famous Blue Blazer.

Jerry Thomas: The First Bartending Superstar

Long, long before Tom Cruise was shaking up drinks in Cocktail, Jerry Thomas was making theatre behind the bar. With… Continue reading »