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Lanterns at the entrance to Petaling Street night market.

Food for a Quid: Asam Laksa on Petaling Street

The spicy, sour, tamarind-based asam laksa is a speciality of Penang. But that doesn’t stop me craving it when I’m… Continue reading »

Suzhou Dumplings-6

Food for a Quid: Suzhou Dumplings

You can’t walk down Pinjiang Lu, the pretty canalside street that’s Suzhou’s tourist central, without stopping at a store selling… Continue reading »

Oishi salt & vinegar cracklings.

Food for a Quid: Is This the World’s Finest Beer Snack?

I always come back from the Philippines feeling somewhat liverish. Which is probably because Manila is, IMO, the world capital… Continue reading »

Chinese toffee apples: candied hackberries on sale in a hutong in Beijing.

Food for a Quid: Chinese Toffee Apples

Chinese toffee apples, in all their myriad persuasions, are one of my favourite Chinese street sweeties, and add colour to… Continue reading »

Turkish stuffed mussels, or midye dolma.

Food for a Quid: Turkish Stuffed Mussels (Midye Dolma)

In Orhan Pamuk’s wonderful Istanbul: a Memoir, he records that stuffed mussel vendors, plying their wares along the streets, have… Continue reading »

Buff Momo 1024

Food for a Quid: Spicy Buff Momo, Kathmandu, Nepal.

You don’t have to spend long in Nepal to realise that momo make the world go round: delicious, meaty dumplings… Continue reading »

Steamed Cockles in Kuala Lumpur

Food for a Quid: Steamed Cockles in Kuala Lumpur

What does a British pound buy you, foodwise? In most parts of the world, a lot. In fact, even in… Continue reading »