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Chocolate clams Escabeche.

Chocolate Clams

I’ve been a little remiss about updating this website of late. So, in the meantime, here’s Elaine J. Masters of… Continue reading »

Basket full of lotus flower heads with seeds.

Lotus Seeds

If there’s one plant that symbolises South-East Asia, it is, of course, the lotus. One of the miraculous things about… Continue reading »

Babi Guling - Balinese sucking pig-7

Babi Guling – Balinese Sucking Pig

Babi guling is one of the great joys of any trip to Bali and quite possibly the ultimate breakfast dish…. Continue reading »

Stretchy Ice Cream

Stretchy, Super-Cool, Turkish Ice Cream!

Turkish ice cream is different. Not just because, in the tourist towns, there are men in costumes working magic tricks… Continue reading »


It’s Samphire Season!

Samphire is up there with artichokes as a plant that doesn’t look like it was meant to be eaten, and… Continue reading »

Much-loved jar of Marmite XO, the Marmite limited edition spread...

Marmite XO — A Luxury Marmite!

Marmite, like oysters and stinky tofu, is a substance that tends to polarise people, if not actually horrify them. Salty,… Continue reading »

Sprout Tops 1

Green Invaders…

Brussels sprouts are, famously, one of those vegetables folk either love or loathe. And scientists at the Eden Project, in… Continue reading »