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LadurÈe Macaroons

123 Food Experiences To Try Before You Die

Eat a dish in the restaurant that invented it Pick food from pots by pointing and hoping Catch a fish… Continue reading »


What’s It Like Eating Dog?

I have been meaning to get around to eating dog for some time now. I’m fascinated by foods that break… Continue reading »

Marmite with Heinz soup in the background.

Ten British Expat Food Cravings

Expat food cravings are a curious thing, particularly British ones. There is, for example, an entire generation who can’t live… Continue reading »

Dim sum dumplings with green asparagus.

You Just Had to Pick That, Didn’t You?!

When it comes to food, I like to think I’m a fairly Catholic eater. Innards of all sorts hold no… Continue reading »

Fat-tailed sheep show the fat on their backsides.

On Fat-Tailed Sheep

It’s no secret that our appetites shape the animals around us. Compare the snout of a wild boar, long and… Continue reading »

Ortolan singing on a branch.

In Pursuit of the Inedible

I’ve always had what you might call an adaptable palate – as a child, my family called me the “human… Continue reading »