Exterior of The Belgian Monk, a 17th-century pub in Norwich, UK.

The Belgian Monk: The Best Value Pub Lunch in Norwich

Before the Beer Orders of 1989, almost every British pub was tied to a brewery, and British pub food and beer made your average German beer garden seem a pinnacle…

Suzhou Dumplings-6

Food for a Quid: Suzhou Dumplings

You can’t walk down Pinjiang Lu, the pretty canalside street that’s Suzhou’s tourist central, without stopping at a store selling these gorgeous dumplings. And, with prices starting from a mere…


Don’t Go to Italy Without Trying These Ten Amazing Food Experiences

For many of us, the main purpose of any trip to Italy is food. Yes, we’ll pay homage to temples and sculpture, to churches and galleries, to mountains and lakes,…

A sunflower garden by the planes at Singapore's Changi Airport.

11 Reasons Changi Airport Rocks

1. It Has Outdoor Smoking. With Sunflowers. Yes, really. Forget the fug-filled cubicles of lesser airports. At Changi, you can smoke outdoors, and upstairs, either in the sun or sheltered…

Fruit and vegetables stacked up at New Covent Garden Market, London.

Six of the Best Food Markets in London

Whether you’re after scenic, touristy markets with products packed for gifting, or bustling, grimy wholesale markets, there’s nothing quite like exploring food markets to give you an insight into a…

The dramatic colonnaded dining room at Merah-Putih, Indonesian fine dining in Bali.

Merah-Putih: the Best Indonesian Fine Dining in Bali

Indonesian food doesn’t have the best reputation. For all its diversity – and an archipelago with over 17,000 islands, over 700 languages and no fewer than 6 official religions is…

Hampstead Heath as the sun goes down.

5 Great, Free Things to Do in London

Take a Walk on Hampstead Heath London’s parks are the lungs of the city – and, in summer, they transform conservative Blighty, as office workers strip down to the barest…

Cup of coffee with decorated foam.

Five Ways to Enjoy Coffee

Cold Brew Cold brew coffee is brewed, well, cold. And, if that’s not enough to love, you can choose it fizzy or foaming. In theory, the brewing reduces acidity and…


The Oldest Bar in the World Isn’t Where You Think It Is

Forget all those scenic Irish pubs, all those ancient Crusader pubs, and all those Scandinavian hostelries that might have seen a Viking or two. If you’re one of those travellers…

Chilli crab and cold beer - om nom nom nom.

What to Eat in Singapore – and Where

Singapore is a foodie paradise, offering everything from brand-name international chefs like Joël Robuchon and Wolfgang Puck to outstanding street food. But it’s also officially the world’s most expensive city….