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Suzhou Dumplings-6

Food for a Quid: Suzhou Dumplings

You can’t walk down Pinjiang Lu, the pretty canalside street that’s Suzhou’s tourist central, without stopping at a store selling… Continue reading »

Dim sum dumplings with green asparagus.

You Just Had to Pick That, Didn’t You?!

When it comes to food, I like to think I’m a fairly Catholic eater. Innards of all sorts hold no… Continue reading »

Robot waiters in action at the Robot Restaurant, Harbin, China.

The Robot Restaurant, Harbin

As an obsessional fan of theme restaurants, the concept of visiting a robot restaurant was, well, frankly irresistible. Particularly when… Continue reading »

Chinese toffee apples: candied hackberries on sale in a hutong in Beijing.

Food for a Quid: Chinese Toffee Apples

Chinese toffee apples, in all their myriad persuasions, are one of my favourite Chinese street sweeties, and add colour to… Continue reading »

Baklava, covered in honey goodness.

Consider Cloves

It’s hard to imagine that an everyday ingredient in the spice rack could once have been worth almost its weight… Continue reading »

Sichuan sour and spicy potato with pickled vegetables

You Say Sichuan, I Say Szechwan…

It’s a truism, but worth repeating, that until you’ve been to China, you haven’t experienced Chinese food. Tender, juicy Beijing… Continue reading »