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Singapore Sling

A Curious Tale: Who Invented the Singapore Sling?

Raffles Hotel, Singapore, is celebrating its 125th anniversary this month. (This despite the fact that the hotel didn’t open until… Continue reading »

Selection of mezze at Pepe Fishing Club, Byblos.

Pepe’s Fishing Club, Byblos, Lebanon

Back in the glory days of Lebanon, the 1960s and the 1970s, before civil war made the place a wasteland… Continue reading »

Fat-tailed sheep show the fat on their backsides.

On Fat-Tailed Sheep

It’s no secret that our appetites shape the animals around us. Compare the snout of a wild boar, long and… Continue reading »

Baklava, covered in honey goodness.

Consider Cloves

It’s hard to imagine that an everyday ingredient in the spice rack could once have been worth almost its weight… Continue reading »

Much-loved jar of Marmite XO, the Marmite limited edition spread...

Marmite XO — A Luxury Marmite!

Marmite, like oysters and stinky tofu, is a substance that tends to polarise people, if not actually horrify them. Salty,… Continue reading »

Woodcut of Jerry Thomas making his famous Blue Blazer.

Jerry Thomas: The First Bartending Superstar

Long, long before Tom Cruise was shaking up drinks in Cocktail, Jerry Thomas was making theatre behind the bar. With… Continue reading »